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STYLISH, LIGHTWEIGHT & SIZED RIGHT — The Small Vera Tote measures 11 inches high, 12 inches wide, & 4 inches deep – the perfect combination of business & pleasure to take you from the commute to the office to drinks downtown

PACK IN STYLE — With printed polyester lining & 6 slip interior pockets, keep your daily commute thoroughly organized with style all over – toss in your lipstick & tablet & keep your protein bars separate from your pens

MACHINE WASHABLE PERFORMANCE TWILL — This weather-friendly water-repellent fabric is durable & lightweight for everyday use

ESSENTIALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS — The exterior features a front slip pocket, a zip pocket, & a hidden top pocket – ideal for storing your wallet, phone, reading material or snacks that are quick to access but out of sight – With a 12 inch strap drop you can grab the dual straps on the go or throw over your shoulder to rest comfortably

100% Polyester

EVERYDAY USE — Vera Bradley tote bags are perfect for any occasion – whether you are heading to work, on a weekend getaway, going to a party, or traveling, they are your perfect daily companion – & make great gifts too

Women's Performance Twill Small Vera Tote Bag Reviews

Neophyte… A person who is new to a skill or subject. When it comes to purses, bags, totes and whatever else they call handbags I really don’t know a lot about this stuff. However, my wife does. Remember in Jr. High school when they separated the boys from the girls for some classes? Did they learn about bags, totes, purses, handbags, pocketbooks and pouches?Even without specific training in the field, one can tell the VB tote is well made. There are a lot of knock-offs on the market but upon close examination it’s evident that the zippers, thread, seams and fabrics are not the same between the inexpensive lookalikes and the real thing. My wife has expensive bags that are almost 30 years old- so buy quality and enjoy it for a long time.This particular bag/tote whatever is part of a series of similarly styled products. Lots of pockets and compartments make it easier for my wife to organize her stuff… and she appreciates it. Gift a person in your life a Vera Bradley bag and it will be appreciated a lot. Very giftable! The design of this one has a wide appeal, so if you’re unsure what way to go- this is a versatile look. 100% recommend.*If my review didn’t suck, please hook me up with a “helpful” click. It doesn’t cost a thing! If you have a question, fire away and I’ll do my best to help you out.I write my reviews based on the retail price and what I feel are reasonable expectations, regardless of whether I paid for the item or if it was provided to me for the purpose of review. My reviews reflect exactly what I would tell a good friend over a pint, so hopefully you find me somewhat useful. Every time I see a “helpful” rating go up, it makes me happy that I took the time to help.

I can’t say enough about how great this twill Vera Bradley “small” bag is. I’ve always had the colorful medium to large size totes & was looking for something smaller & simpler this time. When I found this & did the measurements I was sold! The description you read is perfect to what you receive & I hope my pictures show or explain more. The material is a wonderful polyester inside & out. It wipes nicely if needed. The interior print is beautiful. It exceeded my expectations. The size for me was perfect & I had concerns but it fits everything so well. My calendar book even fits in nicely. I love how there are a total of 6 internal pockets-6! The outside shows the zipper but on top of that is also an open wider space to slide things. On the other side of the bag is a little hideaway open spot which is perfect for car keys. The straps are perfect for me to carry over my shoulder. I also love the zipper feature. The stitching was of VB true quality. There isn’t a flaw to the bag. I’ve had it over 4 months now & it again is VB durable. This bag shows longevity as all of my other VB bags have. The color gray is really exactly as shown. I couldn’t be happier with this bag. So many wonderful features & it sits up on its own!I highly recommend it!!

The bag is a nice design but the measurements are off. This should be a small and says small in the sticker label, however it’s a medium size bag at 16in wide and 12in high. Too big so now I have to return.

I love this tote. I finally got this at a decent price. I love Vera Bradley bags. I needed the six pockets inside for tall products such as water bottles, umbrella and lotions. Other stuff such as eyeglasses, mirror and slim wallet. I definitely love the hidden phonw pouch. This quilted tote is thick so it can protect my tablet and phone. The design is beautiful. The front pockets are handy for grab and go items. Also extra wide on this model bag so more space. And this is the small tote. Holds a lot.

I’m constantly trying out purses. They are too small, too big, too clumsy, too bogged down with ugly hardware, too heavy, unattractive, and on and on. Although I love Vera Bradley’s lightweight offerings, who wants to carry your grandmother’s drapery fabric around to certain functions like a funeral or a serious business meeting! You look foolish and out of touch doing that. So I was ecstatic to find this understated black, sized-right fabrication that still had the typical lightweight and the inside 6 inside pockets and two tasteful slip pockets on the outside of a Vera Bradly!. Now I never think twice about my purse being too big or too girlie or clashing with my outfit. I think this purse is PERFECTION and if you are looking for a gift for a lady, get this – you can never go wrong with the QUALITY of a Vera Bradley, everyone wants one, and this is tasteful for all ages.

I love everything about this bag!!! I’ve never owned a Vera Bradley bag and now I see what all the fuss is about. This bag is very well made. The cloth is soft but sturdy. It got a beautiful design. The handle is the perfect length (that’s hard to find). The size is great too, not too big or too small. Of all the things I’ve bought in my life, this is the most perfect. These bags are more expensive than others, and rightfully so. Perfection should cost more. I’d buy this bag again in a second!

Love this bag! Perfect size. Generous strap drop. Very comfortable to carry on the shoulder. Love the outside pockets, especially the hidden cell phone pocket. The material is gorgeous. Very happy with this purchase!

I love this bag!!! Water proof, pretty colour and it can carry my iPad.