[17% OFF] Singing Rock R44 NFPA Static Rope 11.2-mm x 200 Feet (As of 08/21/2021)


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The Package Height Of The Product Is 15 Inches

The Package Width Of The Product Is 15 Inches

Country Of Origin : Czech Republic

The Package Length Of The Product Is 20 Inches

Singing Rock R44 NFPA Static Rope 11.2-mm x 200 Feet Reviews

Before getting this rope I was unfamiliar with Czech Republic company Singing Rock, and I was a bit doubtful the rope would meet my outdoor needs (I have used other static ropes before in climbing gyms and they have been a bit stiff and, well, static), but as the company says, the R44 is "compact, soft, light, durable" (and I’d also say strong! – 33.3 kN min. breaking strength with 38% of the mass being in the outer sheath, making it super resistant to abrasion).Now, I just wish I had started using a static line for route development years ago! In the past couple, (probably as I get older, heavier and weaker), I have been tearing up my dynamic work horse ropes pretty quickly. This static line handles almost exactly like my dynamic ropes, and is perfect for use with a 

Rock Exotica Soloist Solo Belay Device

 since it doesn’t stretch much (<3%, with 0% sheath slippage). The only caveat would be that the 11mm is a bit hard to fit into my ATC rappel device.Of course this kind of rope isn’t designed for regular rock climbing (even toproping), but for rappelling, route cleaning, bolting and climbing with a self-belay it can’t be beat.Note – To repeat, this rope is NOT meant for climbing/top-rope use. If you want a static line which can be used for top-roping try the 

Edelweiss Static Caving 10.5mm Rope

, which is more of a semi-static rope (3.5% elongation, and a rating of 9 factor 1 falls).Edit 1/16/14 – this rope has gotten noticeably stiffer after a lot of hard use and many machine washings. It still knots and coils easily, but seems very stiff when putting it into a regular belay device (which for a rope like this would only be for rappelling). This may be because it’s actually 11.2mm thick (which I didn’t notice with my first rope, but just noticed as part of the stats with my recent replacement). The sheath is tough enough to hang from without worrying about abrasion much… (even with the sawing action that comes with pulling oneself up an unclimbable section), but eventually it will get damaged with such abuse (just not nearly as fast as a dynamic rope will), and like any rope needs to be checked regularly for wear and replaced when you aren’t 100% confident with it. I like the weight saving 150′ length since most of the pitches I work on are 100′ or less, and the extra footage helps with rigging, but sometimes it is limiting not having a 200′ line…