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Mesh lining wicks moisture and enhances breathability

Synthetic sole

Comfort system designed to provide lightweight shock absorption.

Rubber outsole provides a durable grip on a variety of surfaces

100% Leather

Rockport Men's Rock Cove Walking Sneaker Reviews

This is for the Rock Cove walking shoe I read all the reviews including neg reviews. I need a wide size “EE” which is impossible to find as most know. Even resorted in the past to sizing up just to get the width, but that caused other problems with foot sliding forward. Anyways I take between a 10.5w – 11w depending on manufacture. Ordered these in 11w and they fir perfect. I can’t speak to eyelets pulling out as I leave them tied and using a shoe horn to put them on. Laces length was fine i’m able to double knot them with out problems. We’re a little tight new but like old fashioned new shoe tight that needs to broken in. Not uncomfortable wearing all day as they broke in. Ordered another set just to stock as finding shoes that fit are so hard now a days. Construction wise they appear as well as the Saconys I used to swear by but are now to gawdy

This shoe is a Father’s Day Gift and was specifically requested. We were unable to locate the shoe anywhere locally or on some of the larger box store websites. Our region was still in public health restrictions when we ordered the shoe from Amazon. We were informed perhaps the shoe would arrive by the end of June. We received it within 5 days of ordering! Thank you so much. It is a perfect shoe for the man who is on his feet, and doing outdoor work not requiring a safety shoe.

I have bought a few pairs of the cove product over the years. They are great shoes. They are well built and have lasted longer and better than many other similar products.There is leather over the large toe which prevents a hole from forming because of the consistent rubbing of the toe. Lots of other products have less material over the toe and there fore a hole develops. There is quite a lot of venting in the shoe as well. the sole stays good as well. The only thing I have a problem with is with the laces which keep coming undone. You have to put a double knot in the lases. Even doing this it doesn’t always prevent the laces from coming undone. But is better then single knots. The shoes are comfortable and I would recommend them.

great all round shoe,most springy shoe that I’ve ever worn,heel and toe protection are excellent ,good stiff rubber sole,very thick memory foam in shank of shoe.But like every other shoe now a days the rubber sole is very thin and will wear out in no time especially in the heel.

Very comfortable walking shoes,Looks good second time I’ve bought these shoes, the last pair lasted me about 3 years,

Its color is a bit pale. Not a warm brown, so finding clothes to match is a bit hard.