[15% OFF] MAXLINER A0354/B0207 for 2018-2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab (As of 08/27/2021)


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Perfect fit, modern style, and durability all backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Textured skid-resistant surface of the liners is easily cleaned by wiping clean, hosing off, or simply using soap and water for a tough mess

Top of the line all-weather, stain-resistant, 100% odorless protection that gives your car, van, truck, or SUV interior a first class look while protecting the resale value

Only fits Double cab/Crew cab (4 full size doors). Does not fit manual transmission, vinyl flooring, or trucks with optional utility package. Vehicle carpet protection with a low density precisely molded material that provides floorboard coverage

Custom fit precision of the mat protects your vehicles carpet floor by stopping spills and any other mess thanks to the liners raised and strengthened lip

MAXLINER A0354/B0207 for 2018-2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Reviews

I have used OEM Tacoma rubber mats on my previous 2016 Tacoma Double Cab for over 3 years. The issues I had with those mats are totally solved by these ones. The OEM ones, while nice and rubbery and ribbed, tend to get floppy and do not stay snug against the side wall carpet area over time. This happened with my 2016 ones after about a year. Additionally, they do not ride up high enough to stop mud/grime from getting on the carpet. These mats perfectly solve that issue. The other part that makes these better than the OEM is that the rear mat nails the fit perfectly and covers more area than the OEM, and, the best part, is that these ones do not slide forward like the OEM. I initially loved the Toyota brand ones, but after a few months I really wanted something else. Since I switched to a 2019 Tacoma Dbl Cab, I have been so happy with these ones. The one downside is that they are harder, more plastic-y than then the OEM Toyota ones, but that also makes them less likely to slip around and they are way way easier to wipe down and clean. Overall, 5 stars and would order these any day over the stock OEM style ones.

great fit and looks nice too. of course not sure how the last over the years to come but I am definitely happy with the product and fits my 2018 double cab Tacoma floors really well.

I have nothing bad to say about these liners. I was worried they would be thin and flimsy or even not fit that great but was I wrong. They went in easy had the overlip that fit perfectly and even protected the trim as well. Even in the back of the bed the longer thin sides protected the sides of the seat area where things may drop of debris can fall. I have had weather tech on other cars and these are very comparable. They are also easy to clean after getting in and out of the truck get some dirt and stuff from your boots etc. I have a microfiber cloth and wipes up just like new. Happy with them so far! I would recommend

I’m oblivious when it comes to dirt n mud. Originally, my truck came with the factory OEM place mat and I was happy at first but even then…I didn’t even realize they were there until I ordered the maxliner. That was when I realize I already had some protection but when I tried to change at least one of them…I noticed a big difference in the actual coverage. It expands to cover quite a bit of the floor and its side wall which is ideal because that is how a floor mat should be. I proceeded to change every one of them and I’m glad I did.

I chose this brand for my 2019 Tacoma over WeatherTech for two reasons. Fit and value. These fit very snugly. The tray doesn’t slide around on passenger side like my WeatherTech ones did. They go all the way to the sides with very little gap. WeatherTech had more gap between the frame and tray. The quality seems good, but time will tell. The back row is one piece which makes it fit better however the sides were folded in order to fit into the box. They’ve been in the hot truck for several weeks now and have still not returned to the full flat position. The full set cost slightly more than just the front set of WeatherTech’s. We’ll see if they last as well as the WeatherTech did in my last Tacoma. So far, I am satisfied with these mats.

We bought these to guard our brand new truck against gross winter weather conditions. We didn’t want to spend a million dollars on floor mats and found these as an acceptable solution. They fit quite well on the floor, are protecting the floors very well and look great. Of course, they aren’t as perfect as floor mats that cost twice as much, but the quality is definitely there. In fact, we bought some more of these for my car as well. I recommend them.

Purchased for 2020 Toyota Tacoma Crew-Cab-TRD OFF ROAD–Taco Twonz-You Tube Channel-Recommend the floor mats which are custom fit precision and protects your vehicles carpet & floors, Also easy clean..Very pleased with purchase, easy install, Look Great..!!

They’re a good fit for my 2020 Tacoma. Simple design and snug fit on most areas specially on the front driver and passenger side. The fit on the cab area in the middle has some gap, but can be fixed by heating it up to mold it to wall. The hard plastic design makes it easier to clean but can be a bit stiff if you prefer rubber mats. There are also lesser grooves compared to the more expensive mats, but makes it easier to clean and wash. Make sure to install them when the weather is warmer, I was so excited that I installed them as soon as I got them. I had to warm them up with a hair dryer to give them a snug fit.

Although Q&A says they fit a manual they do not. Even confirmed with seller before purchase. Unless foot is nearly on brake pedal when using clutch the floor mat will be in the way of using the clutch as they are cut to fit the auto and not a manual. The rest of the mats fit excellent. I used a heat gun to make the driver one fit better but you shouldn’t have to do this with a mat set over $200.

not the highest walls. but these will help keep your truck floor clean. snow, mud, rocks. easy to clean.when you clean, its hard to get all the marks out, but better than the carpet.

Very satisfied with this product. After reading reviews that it does fit my 2018 Tacoma TRD Sport, I decided to try it. Very glad I did. This will help me to protect the interior of my Tacoma, which helps to retain its’ value more. Pictures to follow.

Great price, first of all. The fit and quality of these mats is amazing, considering the price. I was expecting less of these when I was waiting for them to arrive. My other car came with the more expensive Weather Tech in them. I cannot really see or feel any difference with these ones. They are easy to clean and they do a great job in protecting the interior carpet floor.