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Toys with mechanical activation encourage cause and effect development

Seat can move 360 degrees, giving baby motion and a wide range view

Enhanced toy package designed especially for kids 6-15 months old; can be removed to become standalone toys

Electronic toys with lights and sounds help to promote visual and auditory cues

Converts from activity center to a flat table

Baby Trend 3-N-1 Bounce N' Play Activity Center Plus Reviews

One of the pegs in the leg was not springy but we were able to fix that. It’s cute and the yous are nice. Love that it turns into a table for multi use. For the price being able to use it past 2 years old as a coloring table is wonderful!

Takes 5-7 minutes to set up- NO JOKE!my daughter LOVES IT & shes 6 months old. Creative, beautifully made, sturdy, cute. Must buy!

Easy assemble. Love the toys. Like that you can take the toys out so easy and clean them. Love that it doubles as a table as well. Rotates easily.One thing I don’t quite like is that the seat seems quite wide. You have to put a pillow/blanket around the child to keep them stable”.

Years ago I had one of these with wheels. My daughter LOVED it and wheeled all over the first floor with it. I guess some parents let their kids roll down the stairs so they stopped making those. I wish they didn’t stop making them because my daughter LOVED moving around the house.Anyways this is the next best thing if they aren’t walking yet. This keeps them upright and they do get the chance to stretch their legs and mimic walking movements. It’s great when they’re bored of sitting or laying down and keeps them alert. It’s fun to sit down next to the baby and play with them– it seems to increase their ability to remain engaged and alert and focus. While the baby can’t walk throughout the house he can turn around in the 360 degree swivel chair. Also it transforms to a play table and activity table when he outgrows this position. The bottom is also adjustable for growing baby. You can lower the footpad or remove it altogether when baby gets too big.Recommended. Lots of activities to keep him interested.Great item. Recommended.

My son is about 3 months and not yet into jumping but comfortably sits in it and likes to look at bright toys and smashes them right now. As far as developing I think it’s great as he gets a bit older I know he will be more involved with activities. This is our second bouncy 1st one we have is very basic and doesn’t have an option to turn into activity table. That’s what’s so great about it once he grows out out of jumping part this can be easily turned in a little table for him where we can put his little toys and continue to use it for at least 6-12 months. When it comes to bouncy chair I for sure would prefer this over most other brands because simply I can continue to use it beyond that stage and sometimes babies not much into that activity well at least it can be turned into play table. Love that option can’t go wrong with this. Happy to have it and really recommend it!

Our lengthy little girl (26 inches in length) seem to like the Baby Trend 3-N-1 Bounce N’ Play Activity Center a lot. It keeps her occupied for at least 10 to 15 minutes though adult supervision is still required. Her legs are just long enough to reach the level one floor height adjustment. Keep in mind that your baby should have adequate back strength before letting him/her play in the activity center. The toys are relatively basic but I think it gets the job done in terms of motor skill development along with hand eye coordination. Assembly took about 20 minutes and had all the necessary tools included. Only one toy required batteries (not included). The legs also had non-slip rubber installed so the activity center does not slide around. I’ve attached some photos of the completed assembly as well as some of the toys. Hope this helps with your decision!