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Adjustable Height Desk for Indoor Cycling and Standing

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Fully adjustable – with the push of a button, you can lower or raise the desk to sitting or standing position

Wheels for easy movement – easily move the desk out of your sweat zone. The desk can roll through most doorways

Built in cord holes for cable organization – keep all of your tech untangled and out of the way

Durable steel frame – get maximum stability and sturdiness with the formed steel tube frame and baked on polymer finish

Built in tablet and Smartphone stand – prop up and secure your tablet or Smartphone to the desk for easy viewing while cycling or standing

Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Reviews

We have a bike trainer set up in the corner of our small apartment. I’m a resident physician so hours for training are tight and I’m perpetually behind on all other aspects of life. I got this with the goal of getting more done during my time on the trainer. My frugal wife scoffed at the price tag but even she has grown to love it. There used to be a few knock-offs available but these are no longer, so at present this is one of the only rolling desks custom designed to work with a trainer.Things we love:-Sturdy wheels. Roll it right up when you’re doing some easier riding and can catch up on email. Roll it away when you’re getting after it.-Super sturdy-Lots of little cable holes to wrap lightning and USB-C cables through to charge devices-Room on the side where we mounted some 3M Command hooks to hold towelsYes it’s a big price tag, but it allows you to do more on the trainer in a way few other products do.

Outstanding bit of kit – I wasn’t sure as its pricey but thought I could always return it if needed. It more than meets expectations, excellent build quality and is perfect for the ‘pain cave’ – table even sits low enough so as not to interfere with the wahoo headwind fan doing its job. Worth the wait as finding one in stock came as a shock but I guess they are starting to arrive here in the UK again. Buy one NOW

This is a really good bit of kit. Ideal for the job. Very solid and height adjustable. Probably quite expensive for what you get but it is very sturdy. This one had a big mark on the tray but couldn’t be bothered to send it back and have all the hassle.

Easy to assemble and does a great job of holding a tablet for Zwift action. Also doubles as a nice standup desk should you be so inclined. Would recommend.

The device itself if very good, heavy enough to support for anything on the desk, but light enough so it can easily be pulled back and forth whilst on your bike.As for putting together, that is quick and easy. The only issue I had has regarding the tools included.There are 2 different size allen key included, but one of them was an incorrect key.Once I had got myself the correct size key, building was very easy.Like a lot of people have stated, great device but price is a little too high!!