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White – Cleaners for Allergies and Pets – H13 True HEPA Filter – Mold Pollen Dust – LV-PUR131S – Works with Alexa – Smoke Eater and Odor Eliminator

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Voice Command to Control: Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Just give a simple voice command to control your air purifier with Vesync app via Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier works with stable 2.4GHz network

Ideal for Allergic People: Removes up to 99.97% of harmful dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and other 0.3 microns allergens through 3-in-1 filtration. Great Help with allergies and stuff nose by bringing you new fresh air

MAX Mode Power: Cleans a room up to 900 sq.ft in 1 hour, 500 sq.ft in 33 minutes. Maximum benefits 360 sq.ft at the Highest Fan Speed Level

Smoke Eater and Odor Eliminators: With Huge Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, the purify efficiency is 30% higher and purify speed is 30% faster than other ordinary air cleaner, protect you from cats litter box and chain smokers

Ensure Whole-Night Sleep: Filters the air with a noise level of 27 dB for a restful and soothing indoor environment, helping you sleep deeply. LED display can all be turned off so it won’t keep you awake at night

Auto Mode: With a cutting edge smart sensor, the air purifier can automatically adjust between 3 fan speed settings in response to real-time air quality readings

Smart Remote Control: No need to use smart plug. Use your smartphone to directly control air purifier anytime anywhere, always breathe fresh air when arrive at home. Vesync App comes with advanced features including direct control, timer, air quality display, filter life, etc

LEVOIT Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier Large Room Reviews

Works fine right out of the box. Not sure how well its cleaning the air cause honestly I cant tell a difference. However the filter gets dirty so i know its doing something. Now for the BAD. It started making a terrible noise, like the fan was hitting something. I took it apart and the nut had backed off the main shaft and was bouncing around inside the machine. The hamster cage had been rubbing the inside of the front case. I repaired it with some locktite and it works fine now. Would not buy again.EDIT: the company reached out to me and shipped me a brand new unit. Excellent customer service and they stood behind their product, very impressed!

I just unboxed my new air purifier. Didn’t think anything of it until, I checked the new hepa and charcoal filters. My new product came with a used hepa filter. Who knows how long this device has been used before I bought it. See attached pictures. The unit appears to be in good shape but this kind of quality assurance really hits a sour note with me. On the fence about even keeping this unit.

Revising my review.. slightly.. we purchased this back in 2019 and last year some of the lighting on the top of the unit quit working. The Auto mode doesn’t show up and we get a bit of a knocking sound sometimes. I shaved off one star because I had hoped that it would last a bit longer before having issues. We keep it elevated and 3 ft from any other surface/ wall. It gets plenty of airflow. I also change the filters like clockwork every 6 months. I’ve noticed that within the past year, it also seems that it isn’t “cleaning” as well because we have more general dust on surfaces than when we originally purchased it. It’s been about 2.5 years and my thoughts were that this would have had a longer life.My sister has 3 dogs and when I saw it, I thought… whatever….We spent the holidays at her house and I noticed that she didn’t have dust and pet hair around the house… so… she did tell me that it had made a huge difference in that department.We live in FL and have 3 dogs as well.. I also hate to dust, and can’t stand the smell of cooking breakfast food.We bought one of these in February of this year and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We put it in the family room so it is strategically placed to benefit the kitchen as well.It is large, super easy to setup (think open door, put in filter, plug in and go). When something gets a little stinky or smoky in the kitchen (we keep on Auto mode), the indicator will change from blue (good/normal) to either yellow, orange or red and pick up speed. Smoke and smells clear within minutes.-Cut dusting time down to about 2x a month-Keeps dust and animal hair out of sight-We also run a roomba 3x a week for an hour, but this made a HUGE difference.-Noticed less allergy issues as well-Clears kitchen smoke and odors within minutes-Super easy to setup and operate-Effective in family room/kitchen areaPurchasing a replacement filter today, and decided it was worth leaving a review (which I don’t think I have ever done in my Amazon life thus far).

Just received the purifier today. It was easy to set up and right away it began working. The different options are very nice. The fan on high is very quiet so that is a plus.Will have to see within the next few days if I notice a difference in the air quality within my condo.Several months later…When I placed new filters into the air purifier, shortly thereafter the "change filter" light started blinking. Now I changed the original filters before the change filter light came on because I thought they looked in need of replacement. Every effort to reset the purifier was unsuccessful. Finally I emailed the seller and they provided excellent customer service. After going through the usual "Do you where the reset button is, etc.," the rep suggested I switch the purifier to auto mode while the purifier is running and then push the reset button. Voila! The light quit blinking immediately after blinking for a number of weeks.Tip: If the suggested steps to reset do not work as in my case, select auto with the machine running and hit the reset button. That should turn of the blinking light.I will say it is not clear to me why Levoit cannot design the reset button where it is more easily accessible or at least put a removable cover over the reset button.Nevertheless, I am extremely happy with this air purifier. This remains my favorite air purifier by far.

Very happy with this purchase. My son has asthma like symptoms on occasion and the recent wildfires had him coughing at night. He was waking up and wanting water, also disturbing my wife’s and my sleep. I bought this air purifier and he did not cough at all the last three nights. This is overkill for a bedroom, but by being a larger unit you can run it in low and still move a lot of air. I have been brining it down to the family room/kitchen during the day. Filters are of good quality and there are two of them. They fit snuggly into the unit – just right.

This my second Levoit product. I was impressed with their humidifier and needed an air purifier so decided to try them again.The machine is very well built, made of heavy duty, high quality feeling plastic. It looks great in the room, I feel no need to hide it. It’s heavy and sturdy with soft padded feet. Overall the construction and fit and finish is of high quality. Another advantage is that the air intact for this machine is on the sides, not the back. Therefore I can place it right up against a wall and have no issues with blocking the intake. Replacement filters are reasonable priced unlike the Philips model which I was also considering (4x the filter cost).Only downside is that on the med/high mode, the noise is higher that I was expecting. It’s very quiet in low mode but on mid/high it’s very noticeable. I wouldn’t leave it on high if I have guest visitng etc..

Purchased to see if it would help with baby’s eczema, but didn’t do anything for it or air quality because it turns out our air quality wasn’t bad to begin with. We leave it on auto mode & it kicks up when there’s a lot of smoke from cooking or when BBQ smoke from outside comes in & when I’m dusting around. Not sure if this was necessary, but we kept it anyway. Gets rid of the smoke/smoke smell really quickly so good for BBQ season & if you’re a terrible cook who keeps burning food 🙂