[9% OFF] Men's White Label Relaxed Fit Jean (As of 08/18/2021)


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Relaxed Thigh

Straight Leg

Relaxed Hip

Relaxed Waist

100% Cotton

Machine Wash


Mid Rise

Men's White Label Relaxed Fit Jean Reviews

I’m 6’2″ 190lb, pretty fit but a bit of a T-Rex. I particularly tend to have trouble with jeans/pants being too tight around my thighs without being super baggy on the butt. These are just right. A *tiny* bit loose in the back TBH, but hips on down are great. So if you’re a heavier hill runner (like me) or perhaps even more so if you’re a cyclist, these might work pretty well for you. Just washed them for the first time and shrinkage was noticeable but pretty minimal.

He’s well conditioned and has large thighs. The Cinch White Label are the only jeans made that are completely comfortable for him. He really looks dressed up in them when he goes out with his girl friend.

These are great jeans, I’ve been wearing the White Label for years. Decent quality (they wear out below the rear pockets and on the thighs above the knees for me fairly regularly), I’d say that they’re pretty decent value for the price. I believe that there’s a trade off for the comfort/longevity, and since I don’t want to wear a pair of tin pants or canvas duck all the time, it’s worth it.These really are a great pair of jeans, comfortable, stylish, and tough enough for most needs.

I love that Cinch jeans wash and last well. Much better than LL Bean and some others. My husband loves the comfort. This style seems to be relaxed in the waist as well. Because of that, he can get a smaller size in the waist and they are not so big and baggy in the seat. With most jeans/pants he wears a 34, but a 32 with the Cinch White Label.

My husband has worn the cinch white labels jeans for years. They fit him just right. A lot of jeans are tight on his thighs, being that his thighs are somewhat large but they also fit his waist nicely. He does purposely order them a little longer because he doesn’t like when they look too short, especially when he sits down.

My husband loves these jeans so much I bought him 3 more pairs. Great fit, quality material, durable for outdoor activities.

Bought these for my husband who needs a bit more room in the thighs and seat. He is 6’3 and about 240lbs These fit him better than any other jeans he’s tried. Worth the price!