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AAC – aptX Ll Limited Edition – Made in Germany – 30 Hour Battery – aptX HD

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Flawless design and look: the precious metallic look is effectively complemented by the dark, technical impression of the headphones and the soft headband made of Alcantara. Selected materials for ear pads and headband as well as a Balanced headband pressure ensure a first-class comfort when wearing

Convenient design for easy operation: The headphones are switched on or off via a button. An LED integrated in the button displays the operating status. For conversations a microphone is integrated in the ear cup. A touch pad on the ear cup is used to control the media playback and calls

Sound personalization through app: with the beyerdynamic MIY app, you can personalize the sound of their AM iron Wireless. The heart of this app is the award-winning sound personalization of Miami hearing technologies. The sound is exactly Adapted to the personal hearing profile of the user. At the same time, the app provides information about the listening habits of the user, so that the hearing can be preserved

Bluetooth Wireless technology: the Bluetooth Wireless technology allows the use with all devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers that also make use of this technology. A range of up to 10 meters allows enough freedom of movement

beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Hi-Res Bluetooth Headphones with Touchpad Reviews

I was not familiar with the sound of Beyerdynamic until recently after acquiring their Lagoon Premium ANC headphones, and most recently the Amiron Wireless Copper. About my background – I am a musical aficionado, aka “an audiophile”. I am a professional musician, concert and recording artist and sound and music is my life. My latest interest was in a truly great wireless set of cans for listening at home in the late evenings when I can’t use my big audio system. I’ve went through BW PX (which I own), PX7, Shure Aeonic 50, Lagoons, Sony MX3, Dali IO6, probably a few others. Before I get to the Amirons, Ilet me just say that my priority for my type of listening with wireless headphones is SOUND QUALITY, ANC comes second and is not that important for me. Also, I am fully aware that a Bluetooth headphone can’t and shouldn’t be compared with a wired one. With that out of the way, as far as Bluetooth cans go, the Amirons are the closest example that comes to “musical perfection”. They posses incredible detail from the lowest to the highest ends of the sound spectrum, in a perfectly blended and balanced way for a “liquid musical nirvana”. I want to address an important issue with regards to the bass. Many people and reviewers have weak/insufficient bass due to poor fit. This is true, however, but easily correctable – the fit must be perfect around the ears with a proper seal in order to hear the bass of the Amirons – and they do have it in spares. If you press the cups towards you ears, you should immediately hear and feel all the bass. Now, if this happens, what you can do to increase the clamping force and make a good seal is gently bend the metal extensions just before the Y split – see my photo where I am pointing to the exact spot. These are meant to be adjusted. I have done that, and boy, did it resolve any bass issue. I have a perfect seal, and while the comfort is just as good, the bass is now all there and the sound balance is absolutely stunning!A few words about the sound – lows are deep, and I mean deep. If you have a bass rich song, you will hear it and feel the impact. Please, don’t mistake the well balanced sound signature for a “bass heavy” cans, these are not! The lows are extremely clear, clean, tight, weighty and defined. Bass is not bloated, nor does it bleed into the lower mids. It’s there and it reveals what’s in the music, if the music has it.Low mids are full, textured, and perfectly blended in the mix. Higher mids are extremely nautral in timbre – male and female voiced sound “centered”. Instruments in the mid register sound very realistic with plenty of micro texture. Strings, piano, harpsichord, human voices…Higher register is extremely extended, clean, transparent and never shrieking or over detailed to the point of being distracted.Overall, the whole tuning of Amiron creates a sense of an expansive soundstage (quite impressive for a closed back design!) with the sound surrounding you. You are in the center of the stage, and there is plenty of air and separation of instruments. Never a sense of congestion. Beyerdymanic has really achieved something special here and these may well be the most musical and “best” wireless headphones available. Of course, they are on the neutral-natural spektrum of tuning, as all HiFi grade ‘phones should be. There are other headphones with much different tunings, that may appeal to different personal tastes. However, I can say the Amirons are absolutely a Hi-Fi “audiophile grade” cans in a wireless package. There is just a liquid musical magic oozing out the them with virtually any genre of music that I threw at them. Comfort is great, even with the increased clamping adjustment which was critical for hearing all the bass, and they remain extremely comfortable on my head after 2-3 hours of listening. Hope this helps!

There are a good number of excellent wireless headsets (“cans”) out there today and I have probably listened to most of them.They all offer something that the others lack, be it “bang for the buck” value for the dollar, superior noise-cancellation, or seamless blue-tooth/microphone integration.This beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper set is simply the best sounding cans in the wireless category. Period.The Sennheiser HD 660 S certainly gave the beyerdynamic Amirons a run for its money–in terms of tonal quality. And the other two sets I had whittled my search down to–the bowers & wilkins PX7 and Sony WH-1000XM3s–challenged the beyerdynamic Amirons on other fronts, such as superior blue-tooth phone call integration (the PX7s) or noise cancellation (the Sonys).But if you want THE BEST SOUNDING WIRELESS CANS in the $500 range, the beyerdynamics Amirons are it. Beyerdynamics, when faced with a technical consideration between sound quality or, say, blue-tooth integration or noise-cancelling, ALWAYS picks sound quality. Which is not to say that the beyerdynamic Amirons do not offer state-of-the-art bluetooth or noise cancellation. They do.But when it came between offer audio-fidelity-nirvana and having to program in a a sound wave that realized COMPLETE noise cancellation but damages audio fidelity, beyerdynamics ditched the noise-cancelling sound wave, deciding to rely on their superb ear pads to eliminate a good 75% of the ambient room of the room you are in (the Boses, for instance, eliminate virtually 100% of ambient room noise).And I have never had an issue–yet–where still being able to hear a bit of what is going on during a phone call or Zoom meeting caused me to pause and ask the folks to pipe down. It’s all white noise that is an easy price to pay for the unsurpassed sound quality.Both microphones perform superbly: one built-into the headsets (during wireless mode) and the other on the wired-jack connector. Not all wireless sets offer a wired-jack option–and that these beyerdynamics DO underscores, again, the dedication to sound quality as a hard-wire connection will always–ALWAYS–outperform a wireless mode for sound quality.And I find myself only going to wireless when I have to and when sound quality is not critical, such as during a phone call or Zoom meeting. But at 32 ohms impedance and with a 3.5mm wired-jack, these beyers are built to accentuate the best out of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone on my Amazon Prime UltraHD Music service.