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Raclette Table Grill and Korean BBQ Grill – Warm Insulated Layer – All-In-One 1500W Electric Grill Indoor – FDA & ETL Listed

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2 in 1 Reversible Plate: The griddle plate is the perfect nonstick, multi-purpose, restaurant-grade cooking surface for perfect pancakes, eggs, & more or get the perfect sear on steak and fish. Want authentic grill marks? Use the grill plate for traditional barbecue grilling on ribs, steaks, veggies & more. You can even grill fruit!

Enjoy grilled steaks, ribs, pork barbecue, korean barbecue and burgers all year-round, this ANWALE electric smokeless grill creates your outdoor BBQ recipes with the same taste, flavor & authentic char-grilled texture and grill marks – right on your kitchen countertop. Effortlessly! Grill on our family size, ANWALE grill surface with virtually no smoke and less mess.

Removable Non-Stick Plate: The top plate is dishwasher safe and lifts out easily for effortless cleaning & easy storage. Just pop it in the dishwasher and you’re all set. You’ll never get stuck cleaning for hours in the kitchen after dinner.

Package Content: 1* 1500W All-In-One Grill, 1* All-Metal Lid, 1* Reversible Deep Plate, 8* Non-Stick Raclette Dishes, 8* Spatulas, 1* User Manual, 1* Recipe

Exclusive 3-Layer Design: Grill Layer, Raclette Layer, and Warm insulated Layer. Equipped with 8 heat-resistant Raclette dishes and 8 spatulas, this raclette layer can prepare cheese dishes for 8 persons’ at the same time. It can be used to make raclette cheese, desserts, ostrea, etc. Non-stick coating of dishes and spatulas makes it easier to handle food removal and cleaning.

Stepless Tempertature Control: Up to 482° custom heat control; get the suitable temperature you need for the perfect amount of doneness you want. Rapid, even heating from edge to edge keeps foods tender without overcooking. Char-grill steaks on high to lock-in the juices or slow grill pizza crust, veggies, or grilled cheese to a golden-crisp. You can even grill straight from frozen.

ANWALE Smokeless Grill Indoor Electric Grill and Griddle Plate Reviews

Very very east to clean, some time you can just used Paper towels to clean. This machine can solve a family’s breakfast. It can make fried egg, bacon, and toast at the same time, and it can control the temperature. If you are a mother with several children, I think you also need this machine.

I bought this eclectic grill to have Korean BBQ party at home on the Mother’s Day. All of our family members were surprised of how great it worked. It heated up very fast and was easy to clean. A wet paper towel could make it as clean as new. What I like the most is it has three layers. While we already had full table of food, it was nice to have the place to keep our food warm and storage the spoons. We are gonna use it many times in this summer.

I like it very much. It is not only small lampblack, but also very easy to clean. Power is plentiful. Things cook quickly. Do not use iron clamps to use.Menu Recommendations: The following cubes are perfect for cheese and corn. You can add some shrimp. It’s delicious! Recommended!!! The following will also be added to the use of pancake experience!

From Korean beef, steak to fish, we’ve been very happy with the indoor grill. Smoke-free and with the cover it’s more versatile in grilling. Potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, etc. they’re quick to grill and if we need them warm/hot we put them on the bottom tray as we grill the meat. We haven’t used cheese for those 8 small plate and we probably won’t since we normally use them for veggies. Very happy with the purchase and so easy to clean, we just wipe and throw the plate/cover in the dishwasher. We’ll be getting rid of our older gas grill coz of this.

This grill is a great entertainment feature, it makes for a great dinner party experience and if you keep the box and packaging, fairly easy to bring with you to another place for the party. The tri-level is a big difference from others, it keeps it compact and allows for different cooking temperatures. Just prep the meat, veggies, and cheese!Remind your guests to not come hungry or starving, because it is designed to be a conversational grilling event. With the size, we were able to comfortably feed four grown adults. However, it would be stretching it to use it for larger parties.The one downside is that there are a lot of parts to clean, however, it is not a deterrent.

I love my racklette. You can use it to cook breakfast, sear seafood, and even toast the bottom of your pizza. These are great for having company over and doing a serve yourself type of meal with lots of different items. The warming trays on the bottom are great for warm dips and cheeses. I highly recommend.