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Increase your sporty style and flexible comfort levels with the SKECHERS Elite Flex – Hartnell shoe. Skech Knit Mesh fabric and synthetic upper in a slip on bungee laced sporty comfort walking and training sneaker with interwoven designs. Air Cooled Memory Foam insole, highly flexible comfort midsole.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Style Number: 52642-NVY

Men’s Elite Flex Harnell Low Top Sneaker Shoes

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Sport Men's Elite Flex Hartnell Fashion Sneaker Reviews

I’ve worn Merrell’s for the past 20+ years with the occasional New Balance or two thrown in here or there. This was my first time ordering Skechers. I typically wear a size 11 with my Merrell’s and New Balance, but the Skecher size 11 is almost like a size 13. The shoe didn’t even come close to fitting. Without having the ability to tighten the laces, they would almost literally fall off of my feet as I tried to walk. I ended up sending them back and getting a size 10, but I could have probably went with a size 9 or 9 1/2 and still been fine. The shoes are very comfortable, but I’ve never seen a shoe run so large in my entire life.

I was looking for a nice pair of shoes to wear while hanging around in the house or a quick run to the store (i.e., something more than slippers, but less than an athletic shoe). These fit the bill with one caveat: As others have noted, these fit approx. 1/2 larger than typical. I have small feet, and I wear either an 8 or 7.5US. Based on reviews, I ordered the 7.5, and I wish I would’ve gotten a 7. I can’t recall ever buying a 7, but these fit loose. They are comfortable otherwise, and they are attractive. Again, as others have noted, I could not wear these to run any distance, etc., but they are fine for the purposes for which I purchased them. If you order, get one size smaller than your usual (e.g., if you wear a 9, order 8.5).

They are comfy and breath well. I wouldn’t count these as "sport" shoes, the fabric that makes the upper part of the shoe is very stretchy. This is great for comfort but if you turn to fast it feels like your foot is going to slide right out of the shoe. This doesn’t bother me since I didn’t buy them for that.

Very comfortable shoe. I normally wear a 12 and after reading the reviews went down to an 11.5. Probably could’ve gone down to an 11 and been good. Laces do ok at holding your foot in place but they are more for show than anything else. If in doubt as to sizing definitely go down a size IMO. These really aren’t “sport” shoes in the sense you’re going to run a marathon or do any serious foot-ware intensive movement. They are a great shoe for walking, slipping on and running errands on the weekend etc. Look very sharp and seem well built. The sole on the color combo I purchased has a slight grey tint to it which I prefer over the stark white.

This is my 3rd pair of this exact shoe (last two from Amazon). I have flat feet with doctor-ordered orthotics. My feet always hurt. I walk 2.5 miles per day for health, and will only walk in these shoes, period. It does not eliminate the pain, but found them to produce the least pain of plenty others I’ve tried. Decent support, very cushioned soles, and I have never felt cold feet, even 45 minutes outside at 25º. You can carefully pull out the insoles that come with them if you have orthotics. They are only stuck on. It seems like you are destroying the shoe, but they do come out just fine. I also like they stay on your feet “just right” without having to tie them (the non-tie lases are like small bungee cords that stretch when you put them on). The dark gray color is perfect with jeans or any color shorts (I think), and shows no dirt. May not be perfect for you, but worth trying a pair given the reasonable price. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep walking!

This is my second pair of the same Skecher product. I find them very comfortable and light. I don’t require much in the way of arch support so I feel that they are adequate for my needs. I have BIG feet (size 14) and somewhat narrow. It is great that Skechers produces shoes in that size as some other brands…Nike, Under Armor, etc. don’t seem to. The styles are fashionable but discreet…a big deal when you don’t want to showcase your big feet. Love the easy on/off laces when I am in a hurry to get out the door with the dog. The soles are very soft and pliable and the sole tread pattern is easy to clean after being outside in the yard. The only issue is that the soles are very soft rubber (which provide great cushion) but will wear quickly if you get out on asphalt or concrete to walk. I am murder on shoes as I put a great deal of impact on my heels and I burn heels off of all my shoes. I notice this applies to my Skechers in particular as the compound of the rubber does not wear well when you walk on rough surfaces. That said, that is why I prefer them for indoor wear and not for fast paced walking. I believe they make a fine shoe for my purposes.

I had purchased this shoe at the store, I have worn it a year and it is most comfortable and easy to put on. It wears great and fits well! I have an 11 and it fits true to a11, its for a medium width foot, but it does stretch if needed. I find them easy to put on, comfortable, and one of my favorites, so much that I have ordered two more just in case they quit making this shoe!

I have messed up nails on both big toes due to high heals. I also have neuropathy in the ball of my foot and toes. This makes getting shoes I can wear all day HARD! I bought these for our vacation. I wore medium compression socks (as always when I am on my feet all day). We antiqued day after day and my feet did not kill me at the end of each day! These shoes are amazing! I highly recommend them. And I have bought so many different kinds hoping to find a single pair for all day wear. Finally found them!! Buying a back up pair right now!

Excellent pair of extremely comfortable trainers. I am a member of Team GB Sports JuJitsu Squad, and needed a pair of trainers but I do have a Wide fitting especially on one foot, so the big brand trainers you see in the sports shops simply won’t fit as they are always too narrow. These sketchers I found to be a very comfortable fit, good for everyday training around the gym, and comfortable to walk/run in. Hope they don’t change the style as I will definitely be buying another pair soon. The fastenings also make them ideal for my particular training as they are on and off all the time.

Firstly they are great nice and light with great airflow, I feel like I could have gone half a size down but I didn’t want to bother with sending them back after I’d worn them for a few hours it juts felt like my feet kept slipping towards the inside, also I may have missed something but there is no way to tighten them up one of my feet is slightly smaller so I had to pull thr elastic down so there is a little loop at the bottom but all that said they are so comfy and lightweight

These trainers are exceptionally comfortable and lightweight. Very good quality. The faux laces actually look pretty good and the shoe is easy to slip on and off, without it feeling like it could come off during normal wearing. Colour looks smart, so very happy.

Very smart shoes.Easy to pop on and off.with the velcro fasteningIdeal for someone who has problems with fastening shoes, due to age or illness,insoles are very spongy and comfortable.An excellent price, also fast and first class service from

Suprised by the lack of laces. They are easy to slip on and feel tight on the foot. Very comfortable to wear. My fourth pair of Skechers, all the others have been good and have lasted well but have had overlong laces that tend to come undone occasionally. No such problem with these.