[12% OFF] REOLINK 4K PoE NVR 8 Channel Pre-Installed 2TB Hard Drive 4K/5MP/4MP HD 24/7 Video Surveillance Home Security Camera System (As of 09/01/2021)


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RLN8-410 – Up to 12TB HDD Capacity

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POE EASY SETUP: A real plug and play NVR! This RLN8-410 NVR features PoE (Power over Ethernet), with a single network cable connecting each of your IP cameras to the NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission. Easy wiring – the wiring process can’t be simpler for DIY enthusiasts.

LOCAL & REMOTE ACCESS: View your security camera system locally by connecting to a monitor or a HD TV, or via free Reolink App and Client on your mobile devices & computer or a web browser remotely.

VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: Use the NVR with all Reolink PoE 4K/5MP/4MP cameras. Enjoy real-time video live stream & playback. Get instant alerts when there are motion events. Backing up local data can’t be simpler.

24×7 NVR RECORDING: With the Reolink cameras picking up the ambient sound, this NVR supports 24×7 HD video recording and storage with Reolink PoE network video recorders (support up to 8 cameras and with built-in 2TB HDD).

ONLY WORK WITH REOLINK CAMERAS: Work perfectly with all Reolink PoE 4K/5MP/4MP cameras, such as RLC-410/511/520/423/522/B400/D400/810A/820A/811A/822A cameras. Manage up to 8 cameras simultaneously easily.

REOLINK 4K PoE NVR 8 Channel Pre-Installed 2TB Hard Drive 4K/5MP/4MP HD 24/7 Video Surveillance Home Security Camera System Reviews

This is a good NVR device for most applications. Just be sure to test it fully before your 30 day return window is up. I had a bad main board in my RLN8-410 NVR and had to return it, but for the price it does do the job well (plug & play) on the hardware and software side of things for most people who don’t want to spend too much time learning technical specifics about networks and IP cameras. If your NVR does not come with a built-in fan than I highly recommend you purchase a electronics fan (like the ones that attach to a PC cpu) to help vent out the heat from inside the NVR’s metal housing… the main board on this NVR does have a built-in two pin port to power your fan, just make sure you buy the correct male connector for it. Also, please keep in mind that this Reolink NVR (model RLN8-410) will work with most third-party compatible (ONVIF compliant) cameras. You just need to make sure to enter the password “12345” (and NOT “123456”) and NOT the 3rd-party NVR password that the cameras were originally connected to. To do this goto the NVR’s menu screen and click on “IP Channel”. If the “Status” for that camera you’re trying to connect shows “INVALID PWD”, then with your mouse move the columns tell you see “Password” and enter the password “12345” for that camera. And that’s it! This Reolink model RLN8-410 has been confirmed (by me) to work with all IP POE 3MP Swann, Qcam & Amcrest cameras that are rated ONVIF compliant (which most if not all are from these three brands).Good luck!

Let’s start by saying this is probably the best "cheap" NVR you can buy on Amazon. I did a bunch of research and decided that Reolink had the right mix of features for my setup. However, I wish I could give 3.5 stars since there are so many bad things too:CONS* Utterly Awful Fan – Replace immediately with Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX. Installs in 3 minutes. The one it comes with makes a super-high pitch sound that you can hear from 2 rooms away. It’s possible a cheaper fan would work, but why take the chance.* No Browser Streaming – It’s advertised as working over a browser, but only IE is supported, and we all know that doesn’t count. I confirmed this with Reolink via email.* Built-in HDMI interface is EH – I don’t use it but I think it would be frustrating if you were doing anything but using it to display the cameras. For example the mouse it comes with (good) works on USB but you can’t plug a keyboard in (weird). This makes typing in almost any password a real pain. It’s much easier to interface with over the network apps.PROS* Desktop app is very good – I didn’t have any problems downloading clips that were reported by other reviewers* Android app is very good – Fortunately you can point it to any port you like, so it’s possible to have the NVR running on an obscure location instead of port 80.* Automatic motion detection – I haven’t tried out the alerts or push notifications, but they all seem to be supported.* Plug and play detection – Cameras pop up immediatelyIf you don’t trust the ‘cloud’ options, this is a pretty good NVR as long as you know what you are buying.

I already had Q-See POE cameras in place at my house until the NVR went out. So instead of getting a whole new expensive system, I ordered this Reolink NVR to see if my existing cameras would work on this NVR and they did not, but I happened to have one other camera on a POE switch on my network and the funny thing is, this Reolink NVR picked up that camera. So instead of connecting my Q-See cameras directly to this Reolink NVR I connected them to the POE switch instead and all of cameras all came up. I can even pull up my cameras via a browser here at my home office.So yes, Reolink is right, my Q-See cameras did not work directly connected to the Reolink NVR, but if you happen to have a POE switch on your network and have your new Reolink on the same network, then you can use your existing POE cameras.Here is my connection.Gateway (Router) > Uplink to Netgear Switch > Uplink to TP-Link POE Switch > Reolink directly connected to Netgear Switch > Q-See POE cameras directly connected to TP-Link POE Switch.This saved me having to buy a whole new system with new cameras.

I bought 2 poe Systems from reolink, one of them just burned out!!! The cable did a big spark and burned the the nvr. (VERY LUCKY IT DID NOT START A FIRE)I want to give back this NVR, if they can send a new NVR 100% tested, it would give a solution to my problem. Aparte from that I would like to have info about what happen to this one, so i can stay reassured that i can use it. Iam worried about the other Nvr system from reolink that I bought at the same time. Iam worried that this could cause a FIRE please advise!!This has all been a pain, I hope amazon can give a solution to my problem, I think reolink should revise the electrical parts to make sure this does not happen to other buyers! One buys never thinking something like this could happen !! Amazon help!!!

Excellent bit of kit but fan noise may annoy you if you sit near it. Highly recommended otherwise though.