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COMFORT FIT: Made out of durable and dependable vinyl and an easy lace closure system that allows you to make proper adjustments effortlessly and conveniently while skating.

A CLASSIC: This iconic Bullet Speed Skate from Chicago is strategically designed for racing but is also a popular choice for all-around rink and social skating for decades.

SUPPORT: The Chicago Bullet Speed Skate features a controlled low cut boot for greater freedom of movement as well as high quality laces for maximum safety, leaving your foot comfortable and secure.

STABILITY & CONTROL: Featuring wide 62mm urethane wheels with precision bearings and premium fixed axels for ultimate control and stability, the high quality speed skates you’re looking for.

SPECIFICATIONS: Complete with double action adjustable polycarbonate trucks, high rebound speed urethane wheels, ABEC 1 precision speed bearings, a padded collar with heel pull loop, and a power strap.

Chicago Skates Bullet Men's Speed Roller Skate Reviews

I purchased these skates for myself. I’m a 48 yr old female getting back into roller skating. These mens skates were very comfortable. I wear a size 9.5 to 10 in Women’s shoes. I ordered a size 9 Mens based on the chart recommendation but could have ordered the 8.5. I opted to keep the 9 and I wear a thick sock to accommodate the small difference.These skates are very comfortable and were extremely smooth skating inside of my house. Once I got outside I felt Everything on the road…the Wheels on these skates are horrible for outdoors (which I read in previous posts). In the pic, the hard original wheels on top and the bottom wheel are my new ones). I purchased a Pair of Miami Boardwalk Outside Wheels along with Rollerbones Bearings and OMG what an extreme difference that change made for outside skating!! I felt like I was rolling on silk. A Fantastic addition to these sturdy Skates!! As you can see I also changed my Laces…basically because I’m a girly girl so I needed them to match my new wheels. ;-)The only other thing I can add is if you are a newbie or getting back into roller skating (like myself) you will Definitely NEED another Toe Stop. The one that comes with the Skate won’t last pass a few months.On another note, I bust my @$$ in the kitchen on those new Fancy wheels. So I am out of commission with a pulled hamstring for a few weeks…lol…Overall, pretty good buy. Enjoy!!

Finally got to use these. I guess you get what you pay for.Now I would call myself a beginner to intermediate indoor skater. I used these exactly 1 time before they fell apart…literally (see picture). I had finally gotten everything cleaned up and lubricated and took these skates to the rink for the first time today. I made it about 2 hours of very mild to moderate skating; no crazy turning, jumping, or tricks at all, just around in a circle. I was coming out of a turn when the wheel just fell off. On closer inspection I found that the one of the external bearings of my outside foot simply was destroyed, and the wheel had ripped over the external nut holding it in place! Frankly I’m lucky not to have broken my ankle. Not happy about this purchase. It lasted maybe 2 hours of pretty mild skating. Now I have to shop for bearings to replace these and maybe even a new plate if it as bent it seems, because I’m outside of the return window. Be careful of this purchase. Pay a little more for better quality.

I’m a size 9 in womens, I purchased both sizes 7 and 9 (mens)… the size 7 fit tight with socks, I would recommend footies. After I skated, I broke them in, after breaking in the size 7 with footies the fitted perfectly. The size 8 I had more room, felt slightly big, but if you have wide feet like myself I would recommend the size 8 with a sock. The wheels are great! If you want to buy new wheels I suggest skate with the included wheels first. The stoppers are terrible at first but do some breaking in purposeful lightly(stopping) I recommend new stoppers or you could possibly be hurt (falling face first before stopping!) Otherwise it would have deserved a 5 stars!

We needed something other than the rentals when My husband was teaching our son to skate. These seemed way too good to be true for the price. Let’s just say they outperformed our expectations. Looked like we spent way more IMO. Brought back great memories of skating as a kid.He wears a men’s 9.5-10 and got size 9 as you want them snug. Fit perfect!