How To Choose Waterproof Drone for Professional Photography Under $800 in 2021

A waterproof drone for professional photography often has a variety of features, including GPS and easy-to-use controllers. The features help you adjust the drone smoothly and precisely to capture the best result from the hard-to-reach areas.

The cost of a professional waterproof drone varies, yet you can still find drones under $800. Learn how to choose a waterproof drone for professional photography under $800 to get the best one to reach your goals.

Flying Time

You are about to fly your drone in areas that are hard to reach. The flying distance range also varies. Because of that, you have to consider the flying time when selecting the best waterproof drone for photography. At least, pick a drone that has a flying time of approximately 30 minutes.

It is the maximum flying time for professional drones. Some others often can fly from 18 minutes to 27 minutes. The bigger the drone, the longer the drone can fly. Some drones can only fly for about 7 to minutes on a single charge.

These drones are not for photography. They are only for fun or are known as toy drones. Due to the variety of the flying time, you have to know the flying time of the drone before buying it.


Battery life has a strong correlation with the flying time of a drone. Waterproof drones for photography often have 30 to 34 minutes of battery life. How about if you want to fly the drone a little bit longer? The best option is to take extra batteries along with you.

That’s why you also have to ensure that the brand offers interchangeable batteries. At least, you can fly the drone for up to 60 minutes with the extra batteries. As a result, you can get perfect shots like what you expect.

Flight Range

Since you are about to use the drone for photography, pick a drone that has a greater flight range. Most professional photographers use a drone that can fly for up to 2km. The most important thing is that the drone has to be in your sight. Besides the flying distance range, check also the height flying range.

Professional waterproof drones often can fly up to 3000 feet high range. This consideration ensures that you can reach the area you want to capture without losing the drone.


The camera is another crucial element you have to check when you buy a waterproof drone for under $800. It is an important consideration because some brands don’t include cameras. It means you have to buy a camera separately before using it.

Ensure that you get a drone with cameras, so you can use it right away. The camera resolution has to be at least 3840 x 2160 high resolution. It will be better if you can find a drone with 4K resolution cameras. Some manufacturers support you with an adjustable lens. For example, you can adjust the lens up to 90 degrees. It is perfect for photographers who want to shoot from different angles.

Vibration is the most common issue while capturing by using a drone. That’s why checking the stabilizer feature becomes crucial besides examining the resolutions. Drones with a stabilizer produce smooth video. The good thing is that some brands give a stabilizer on their under $800 drones since drones with this feature are a bit costly.

GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight

Ensure that the drone has a GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight. This feature ensures that the drone will automatically return to you whenever the battery is low. Even if you lose signal from the device, you can only press one key and your drone will automatically come back. It is an important feature since you never know the obstacle around the area. You can keep controlling the drone no matter the condition.

The Camera View

Choose a drone that has a first-person view camera. This feature provides you with the same images that the drone sees in real-time. It often works via streaming that is connecting the images from the controller to your smartphone or tablet. This camera seems to bring you in the exact position. As a result, you can set the camera on the drone in the perfect position before capturing or recording the objects.

Easy-To-Find Spare Parts

You may have a problem with the drone after hunting for some footage. Ensure that you can repair the device right away, so you can use it like before. It is necessary to find a drone that has easy-to-find spare parts.

So, finding a waterproof drone for professional photography under $800 is accessible. All you have to do is check the specification based on the elements above. Soon, you will get a drone that works a lot for you.