How to choose the best stainless coffee and espresso machine for under $200 in 2021

How to choose the best stainless coffee and espresso machine for under $200 in 2021? Coffee is one of the tastiest beverages with many lovers all around the world. Its typical sweet taste and aroma are more than just delicious, but also addictive. More than that, coffee is also a symbol of social life. Gathering with friends while enjoying a cup of coffee is everything.

If you love coffee so much, it is not bad if a coffee machine is included in your shopping list. Indeed, the price of a coffee machine tends to be expensive. If your budgets are limited, it is a kind of problem for sure. Well, below, there are some tips and points to consider if you want to buy an affordable stainless steel coffee and espresso machine. Check them out.

Type of Machine

Currently, many types of coffee machines are available in stores online or offline. But generally, types of coffee machines are divided into 2, seen from how to operate it. They are automatic and semi-automatic machines. Those coffee and espresso machines tend to be different in some indicators including the result’s taste and, of course, the price.

An automatic machine is relatively easier to use, as its name, automatic. You don’t need to have the experiences and skills like a barista to operate it. Therefore, this type of coffee machine is recommended for home and family. If you have a coffee or restaurant that doesn’t focus on the taste of coffee, this machine type is also a good choice. Sure, it also improves the effectiveness of producing coffee and espresso.

In terms of price, an automatic coffee machine is commonly more expensive particularly if you want the high-quality one. But sure, some more affordable products are also available. For example, it is the DeLonghi Italy Pump that is only around $94.

For semi-automatic coffee and espresso machines under $200, there are more options out there such as DeLonghi ECO310, Almaz Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, and more. But the operating system is a little bit more difficult. It requires skills to produce a great taste of coffee. This type of coffee is recommended if your budget is limited as well as you want to develop your skills as a barista.

Size of Machine

In the world of coffee and espresso machines, the size is not only about whether it is big or small. More than that, it influences how much coffee to make in a single operation. For business, you may need to buy a product that can make 3 or 4 cups of coffee at once. But for home, it seems that a coffee machine to make only 1 or 2 groups is enough. Aside from it looks simpler and doesn’t spend too much space, the price is also more affordable.

If you choose the smaller group of the coffee machine, so many products are available at stores under $200. What are they? Well, they are even coming from high-end brands including DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar Pump Espresso Maker, Nespresso C60 Pixie Espresso Machine, Mr, Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, and more.

The Boiler Feature

A boiler is a place to boil the coffee. It becomes one of the most important factors to consider if you want to buy a coffee machine. There are 2 types of boilers in general. The first type is the single boiler. It is recommended for homes or small coffee shops. This type of boiler is simpler but it doesn’t have some tools like the heat exchanger. Some good things about this coffee machine are it has a more efficient size and the price is not too expensive. Products with a single boiler are Gaggia Classic Pro, Capresso Select 120.05, and more.

On the other hand, you indeed need to pay more money for buying a double-boiler espresso machine. But sure, you can make more cups of coffee at once. It is also equipped with some additional features like the heat exchanger. Most double-boiler coffee machine products are under $200.

Even if there is a cheaper product with 2 boilers, the quality is commonly quite low. Rather than wasting your money for the worse one, it seems better to save up first. So, how to choose the best stainless coffee and espresso machine for under $200 in 2021? Follow some points above.