How To Choose Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Sweeper for Under $500 in 2021

A robot vacuum cleaner and mop sweeper is better than canister and upright vacuums. It is because the manufacturers support it with lasers, motherboards, sensors, and even Wi-Fi. These features control the robot vacuum cleaner to clean up your house without assistance or additional tools.

Nowadays, robot vacuum cleaners are more affordable. You can buy this cleaning device for under $500. The explanation below shows how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner and mop sweeper for under $500.

The Size of Your House

Despite the specifications of the robot vacuum cleaner, you have to know the size of your house first. Some robot vacuums work well in a small environment. Other robot cleaners are great for up to 2.000 square feet area, along with multiple rooms and multiple floors.

Small robot vacuums are good for those who are living in an apartment or townhouses. Check also the obstacles that the device has to pass through. You have to use a robot cleaner that can smoothly clean areas under the furniture. Some devices are 3.6 inches and it is impossible to go through under a couch. It will be great if you have a 2.85 inches tall device to clean all areas including hard-to-reach areas.

The Material of the Floor

High-end robot vacuum cleaners and mop sweepers are more flexible. They can clean dirt or dust in the carpet or hardwood by detecting the surface. The device will reduce its power when it detects a carpet. Then, this robot will increase its power back when it detects hardwood. You can buy a cheaper cleaning device that is suitable for one of the materials. So, check the floor at home to decide the best automatic cleaning device you have to buy.

Hybrid or Non-Hybrid Robot Vacuums

Some robot vacuums can do both vacuum and mop. They are known as hybrid cleaning devices. It is a good option if you have dogs, cats, and a baby at home. You can set the device to clean up the pet hair as well as mopping dirt because of your baby. One thing you have to consider is the parts, such as the roller brush, side brushes, and filters. You have to replace these parts regularly due to the multi-tasks the device has to do.

Smart or Regular Robot Vacuums

Cleaning a house becomes more fun to do with the rise of a smart robot vacuum cleaner and mop sweeper. The manufacturers also develop an app that you can use to control the device from your smartphone.

It is a good option for those who often leave the house, yet you don’t want to miss the cleaning schedule. All you have to do is launch the app and set everything from your smartphone. Then, let the robot vacuum cleaner do the rest.

This technology even helps you to set schedule cleaning. As a result, the device will automatically work based on the schedule. No need to worry anymore even if you forget about the cleaning schedule because you never miss it with a robot vacuum cleaner.

Battery Life

Check the battery life before purchasing the best robot cleaner and mop sweeper. A big house needs a robot with longer battery life. A robot vacuum cleaner under $800 often works for up to an hour and a half. It is long enough to clean up the small and medium house or apartment.

You may buy a high-end model to get up to 2 hours of battery life, yet the price is more expensive. The good thing is that this device will come back to the base station to charge its power. The device will be back to clean the area once its batteries are fully loaded.

Additional Features

Check the additional features that the manufacturers give to you. Let say some manufacturers develop robot vacuum cleaners with a LiDar or Light Detection and Ranging laser. This feature helps the device to map your house. Then, set the most efficient cleaning route. You are about to have a cleaning device that works faster, along with a maximum result.

The point is that checking the specifications of the robot vacuum cleaners and mop sweepers is crucial. It determines the performance of the device to clean up your house. The best device is the one that has a stylish model, along with valuable features that can clean all areas fast and maximum.